Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Emma Rose Christmas Debut!!

All finished and framed in her new clothes!

Emma Rose Christmas
Belle Soie Silks with a few Needlepoint Silks
Lakeside Vintage Examplar 40 ct linen

Please click on it, to get a better view! I am so pleased with how it looks in it's new frame. Thanks to my daughter Megan for helping me with the photo shoot, we staged one of my holly bushes in the back yard for the prop, reminds us of Christmas
Now to format, print and send off the patterns!

Love your insightful comments, so thank you in advance for those! Also thank you all for being so encouraging...best part of designing is knowing that you are going to enjoy stitching Tree of Life Samplings patterns!

Fondly, Jan @ Tree of Life Samplings

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Sneak Peak, If you are interested!!

Emma Rose Christmas is now stitched, and heading to the frame studio tomorrow morning...but I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of the finished piece...and you know I can't show it all to you, until the unveiling of the framed beauty, just because!

Here is a small portion...I love the little bunny....
 Should have the pattern formatted and published very soon, like next week, if everything goes as planned! Emma Rose Friendship and Quaker Peace are @ Hoffman now, so your shopowner should be able to get them next week, at the latest. Or if you can't wait, just send me an email, would love to send you one directly!

Fondly, Jan @ Tree of Life Samplings