Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Release Results....

Picture and announcement of winner! Please do forgive my delay...I should have had this posted two weeks ago, but alas it didn't get done, so....

Thank you all so much for helping me with a name, that was fun and special and I found my favorite...although there were several that spoke to me, the one I chose, felt it fit the sentiment best!

Here is "Love's Power"! It is stitched on Tree of Life Linens, a new color, 40 count Almond Creme' with Gentle Art Sampler and Shaker Threads! The pincushion is stitched on another Tree of Life Linen, this time 36 count Hickory Nut Blend, with some of the same Gentle Art fibers! Isn't it adorable? Vonna stitched it for me and did the expert finishing, trimming with a hand-dyed chenille trim and stuffing it with crushed walnut shells! I adore it! And I adore the sampler, as well, although it took me forever to stitch it, because I kept changing colors, midway...honestly, I think I could have stitched the complete design 4 times, for the amount of time it took me to get finished! But sometimes that is the most important part of the design process, to get the colors the way they need to be, don't you think? I am pleased and I hope that you all love it!

The pattern will include the pincushion pattern as well!

As for the verse: 'Let us see what LOVE can do' is borrowed from William Penn. It is so true, isn't it, Love's Power can do so much! Hence the choosing of the title, thank you to: Simple Pleasures Patricia! Patricia please do send me an email at with your mailing information, so that as soon as I get these patterns formatted, I will be sending you the pattern! Thank you so much for your suggestion!!

I hope to get some better pictures soon, my camera battery decided to die on me, so this was just one of the very first ones that I took. I hope you can see it well enough and the sweet, sweet pincushion, that Vonna made!

Thank you again for participating! Judith (no blog) sent me a picture of her finished Rare Treasures, all matted and framed, and I wanted to share it here with you all! This was my first published pattern, one that is near and dear to my heart! Thank you, Judith!

'Love's Power' will be formatted very soon and ready to publish! If you would like to order directly from me, just send me an email, at either of the email addresses in the side tab. If you are also interested in my linens for these or any other projects, just email me with your needs! I will answer as soon as I can!

All My Best, Jan