Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Exclusive Retreat Designs!

I designed these for the 2011 Retreat.

 Beauty and Grace
by Tree of Life Samplings
Tree of Life Linens Hickory Nut Blend
Gentle Art Sampler and Shaker Threads
 Stitch Together
by Tree of Life Samplings
Tree of Life Linens Caramel Frappe'
Gentle Art Freedom

Designed for Vonna's finishing class, for this sweet box top finish. This was stitched by Kathy, I borrowed her wonderful photo so you all could see the great finish that Vonna taught in her class.

Everyone at this year's Retreat had a wonderful time, many of them already talking about next year. If you are interested in receiving information when it is available, about the 2012 Retreat in June, please email me at your convenience at Already in the planning stages, and there has been considerable interest generated, so don't miss out on lots of fun!

Another reason for this post, is I have been having many inquiries on the publishing of these charts, for retail purchase. To be true to those in attendance, we will not have these available until at least a year! They will be released, but just not before the year has past, and they might be tweaked a bit here and there, but will be the same designs, overall. The Stitch Together is much smaller then Beauty and Grace, so it will probably be published with one or two other smaller, complimentary designs.

I appreciate you all so much!! Thanks for purchasing Tree of Life Samplings designs. We will have Penny America and Mary Hart, 1834 published and ready for purchase in the next few days! I love reading your comments, so if you have a second to leave one, know it will be appreciated! Also thank you for the encouraging emails, they mean so much!

Fondly, Jan @ Tree of Life Samplings