Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Much Heartfelt Thank You!!

I just wanted to take the time, to wish you each a most blessed New Year!! I appreciate so much, your support, this my second full year of designing. I do so hope you enjoy stitching them and I pray that the new year, brings lots and lots of wonderful stitching time for each of you!

I have lots of plans for 2012...I will continue designing for the Emma Rose series and have in mind to do a main Emma Rose Sampler with the theme being Virtue. Also would like to continue with the penny rug, especially since Penny America was so popular...possibly do one or two to continue with that. Then there is the newest design, Love's Power. Be watching for a second one to compliment that sampler, called Faith's Promise sometime in the next few months. Also an Adam and Eve Sampler I have in my mind to create. A Noah Sampler is on my sketch pads for a release sometime this year, hopefully. There are at this time, 4 antique samplers in my personal collection, that I hope to reproduce in the future, so also be looking for these. Lots and lots of exciting plans.

The linens are continuing to be dyed and are being well received! Thank you for the opportunity to sell my hand dyed linens as well to you. It has been an eventful and wonderful year for Tree of Life Samplings and Linens and without you, it all wouldn't be possible! I thank you!!