Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Much Heartfelt Thank You!!

I just wanted to take the time, to wish you each a most blessed New Year!! I appreciate so much, your support, this my second full year of designing. I do so hope you enjoy stitching them and I pray that the new year, brings lots and lots of wonderful stitching time for each of you!

I have lots of plans for 2012...I will continue designing for the Emma Rose series and have in mind to do a main Emma Rose Sampler with the theme being Virtue. Also would like to continue with the penny rug, especially since Penny America was so popular...possibly do one or two to continue with that. Then there is the newest design, Love's Power. Be watching for a second one to compliment that sampler, called Faith's Promise sometime in the next few months. Also an Adam and Eve Sampler I have in my mind to create. A Noah Sampler is on my sketch pads for a release sometime this year, hopefully. There are at this time, 4 antique samplers in my personal collection, that I hope to reproduce in the future, so also be looking for these. Lots and lots of exciting plans.

The linens are continuing to be dyed and are being well received! Thank you for the opportunity to sell my hand dyed linens as well to you. It has been an eventful and wonderful year for Tree of Life Samplings and Linens and without you, it all wouldn't be possible! I thank you!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Release Results....

Picture and announcement of winner! Please do forgive my delay...I should have had this posted two weeks ago, but alas it didn't get done, so....

Thank you all so much for helping me with a name, that was fun and special and I found my favorite...although there were several that spoke to me, the one I chose, felt it fit the sentiment best!

Here is "Love's Power"! It is stitched on Tree of Life Linens, a new color, 40 count Almond Creme' with Gentle Art Sampler and Shaker Threads! The pincushion is stitched on another Tree of Life Linen, this time 36 count Hickory Nut Blend, with some of the same Gentle Art fibers! Isn't it adorable? Vonna stitched it for me and did the expert finishing, trimming with a hand-dyed chenille trim and stuffing it with crushed walnut shells! I adore it! And I adore the sampler, as well, although it took me forever to stitch it, because I kept changing colors, midway...honestly, I think I could have stitched the complete design 4 times, for the amount of time it took me to get finished! But sometimes that is the most important part of the design process, to get the colors the way they need to be, don't you think? I am pleased and I hope that you all love it!

The pattern will include the pincushion pattern as well!

As for the verse: 'Let us see what LOVE can do' is borrowed from William Penn. It is so true, isn't it, Love's Power can do so much! Hence the choosing of the title, thank you to: Simple Pleasures Patricia! Patricia please do send me an email at with your mailing information, so that as soon as I get these patterns formatted, I will be sending you the pattern! Thank you so much for your suggestion!!

I hope to get some better pictures soon, my camera battery decided to die on me, so this was just one of the very first ones that I took. I hope you can see it well enough and the sweet, sweet pincushion, that Vonna made!

Thank you again for participating! Judith (no blog) sent me a picture of her finished Rare Treasures, all matted and framed, and I wanted to share it here with you all! This was my first published pattern, one that is near and dear to my heart! Thank you, Judith!

'Love's Power' will be formatted very soon and ready to publish! If you would like to order directly from me, just send me an email, at either of the email addresses in the side tab. If you are also interested in my linens for these or any other projects, just email me with your needs! I will answer as soon as I can!

All My Best, Jan

Thursday, September 29, 2011

As Promised....

I said in my last post, that I would be posting a few sneak peeks of my newest design, which will be released in just a few short weeks. I think you are going to like it, I know I do! Have been frantically stitching the model...which I rarely do, usually I depend on my nifty and wonderful model stitchers, but this one I decided to hold on and do myself. Probably because somehow I knew that I was going to have some struggles with color. Anyway, I just about have it finished, so please do help me with the naming of this sweet piece, soon to be released design and post what name you think would be good for it. If you list a name that 'catches' me, I will be sure to let you know and treat you with a free design, just as soon as I get the patterns formatted! Sound like fun? I hope so!!

Oh I forgot to tell you, it also has a complimentary pincushion design with it, and that was lovingly stitched and finished by dear Vonna Pfeiffer. It is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple of sneaks.....

What say you?

I will give you plenty of time to choose a name....well at least until I need to have the name to format the patterns! But...time enough, I am thinking! I am SO looking forward to seeing the names that you come up with!!

Retreat News...
I have received lots and lots of email inquiries about 2012 Retreat!!! Exciting stuff, and I will have some information sent out for pre-registration next week, so stay tuned! If you have emailed me, and you don't receive that information, please let me know!

Thanks so much and happy stitching!

All my best, Jan

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Emma Rose Freedom, 2012 Retreat News & Design Chatter!

Emma Rose Freedom...

It surely has been a busy, busy month! Hope that everyone of you readers and followers are enjoying some good weather. It has turned much cooler here, and I feel that Autumn has finally arrived in our neck of the woods!

I wanted to let everyone know that Emma Rose Freedom is now ready for purchase from me. It has been at the distributors for a while now. I can sell either just the pattern or the pattern, fibers and fabric, that I have in stock! Feel free to contact me, at the email provided and I will get back to you asap!

2012 Tree of Life Samplings Retreat News...

I have had oodles of inquiries about registration and general info about the 2012 Retreat. Anyone interested, PLEASE email me soon, with your contact information. I will be sending out requirements for registration in about a week, and I don't want anyone to not be able to come. That said, we are limited as to how many, capacity is 35, and that 35 has to include Vonna, (yes Vonna will again be coming with her wonderful finishing skills and dynamic personality) my daughter and myself, so that brings the number I can make room for to 32. You have no idea how fast the signups can be, so don't delay! I promise it will be a weekend you will not soon forget!

When emailing please put in the subject line of your email 2012 Retreat! Thank you!

New Design Chatter...

I am in the process of designing a smallish quaker piece, with autumnal colors and a wonderful, thought-provoking verse! I say smallish, because I tend to design more on the medium to large size of projects, and this one is the smallest I have done to date, with the exception of the smaller design I did for last year's retreat for the box finish. There is also an adorable and precious pin pillow/cushion design to complement/coordinate with the larger piece! Fun, fun and I am VERY excited about it! I just have to get this color scheme RIGHT! BOTH projects are done on Tree of Life Linens, one of them is a new color, called Almond Creme'. So, that said, stay tuned for a sneak peek of this design...I am not only struggling with a color palette, but a name for this special release. I think I am going to need your help, SO when I post a sneak peek of my progress, it will be your chance to try and name it for me! The winner, will of course, win the design when it is released! Remember to watch for this post, in the next few days, for your chance to win, ok?

Fondly, Jan @ Tree of Life Samplings

Friday, August 12, 2011

Emma Rose Freedom and Winner Unveiled!

Here she is in all of her glory! I enjoyed so much designing her, from the small rendition of 'herself' to the saltbox house with the cascading willow tree, the bluebird of happiness in flight and the flag...which by the way is correct for the year 1862, I did a bit of research, in 1863, they added another star, so this one is historically correct for 1862!
 Tree of Life Samplings
Emma Rose Freedom
 Weeks Dye Works Confederate Grey 40 Ct.
 The Gentle Art Sampler and Shaker Threads

Like I said in the previous post, it will be on display this weekend, in Maryland at the Norden Crafts suite for all shopowners in attendance to see up close and also to pre-order for their shops!

If you are interested in ordering direct from me, just send me an email and when the patterns are released to other distributors, then I will be able to send you one. You can just purchase the chart, or the chart and linen, or the chart, linen and fibers kitted up! Just let me know what all you would like and I can make sure I have everything in stock!

Now onto our giveaway winner! Congratulations to Siobhan. Please Siobhan, will you email me with your mailing address sometime soon, so I can get your Emma Rose Freedom kit winging it's way to you?

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments, I enjoyed so much reading all that you have previously loved in the Emma Rose Series! I am planning a couple more in the not so distant future, so be watching!

Warmly, Jan @ Tree of Life Samplings

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

**NEW** Emma Rose Series Sneak and Giveaway!

Emma Rose Freedom is slated to be unveiled at the Baltimore Market, this weekend by Norden Crafts!

First came Emma Rose Friendship, second came Emma Rose Christmas and third is coming to your local  needlework shop very soon, IF you are sure to tell them to pre-order this sampler!! This opportunity will go only to the shop owners present at the Baltimore Market August 13-14, 2011! With their pre-orders these shops will receive Emma Rose Freedom at least a week to ten days before any other shops! So, be sure and tell them to visit the Norden Crafts booth and see the model for themselves!!

Would you like a little sneak-peek? 
How about another?
Sorry, they are both a bit fuzzy, since I have a new camera and I haven't had enough time to practice with it much yet. And the model is already in the hands of Norden Crafts, so I can' take any more pics.

Giveaway? Did someone say something about a giveaway too? Oh yes, that was me! Please post to this thread what you like most about the Emma Rose Series to date! Also for another chance at winning, please post the giveaway on your blog. Only other thing you need to do is be a follower of this blog, if you are not already!

Good Luck! Oh, haven't told you what is up for grabs in this giveaway, have I? will receive, IF you win, an autographed copy of Emma Rose Freedom, WITH the Gentle Art Fibers to stitch it, WITH a cut of the 40 ct Weeks Dye Works linen to stitch it on!!

WHAT? You don't stitch on the higher counts??? That is alright, I will substitute a comparable linen in a 32 or 36 count, your choice...I will do my best!!! You need to let me know also in your comment to this thread, which count of linen that you prefer.

PLEASE post to this thread and to your blog no later then Thursday August 11, 2011! Winner will be announced on Friday August 12, 2011!

Thanks much and here is wishing much success at the Baltimore Market this weekend! Safe travels to all of those attending! If you are, Norden has a few more of my models and will  have ALL of my patterns, so be sure and stop in! ALSO, pay Jim and Kristi Pfeiffer from the Gentle Art a visit, since they too have a couple of my other models to see up close and personal! Plus their fibers are scrumptious and wonderful to stitch with!

Have a wonderful week, readers and followers! I will be in touch soon, with a FULL picture of Emma Rose Freedom, will probably post on Friday the 12th!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Exclusive Retreat Designs!

I designed these for the 2011 Retreat.

 Beauty and Grace
by Tree of Life Samplings
Tree of Life Linens Hickory Nut Blend
Gentle Art Sampler and Shaker Threads
 Stitch Together
by Tree of Life Samplings
Tree of Life Linens Caramel Frappe'
Gentle Art Freedom

Designed for Vonna's finishing class, for this sweet box top finish. This was stitched by Kathy, I borrowed her wonderful photo so you all could see the great finish that Vonna taught in her class.

Everyone at this year's Retreat had a wonderful time, many of them already talking about next year. If you are interested in receiving information when it is available, about the 2012 Retreat in June, please email me at your convenience at Already in the planning stages, and there has been considerable interest generated, so don't miss out on lots of fun!

Another reason for this post, is I have been having many inquiries on the publishing of these charts, for retail purchase. To be true to those in attendance, we will not have these available until at least a year! They will be released, but just not before the year has past, and they might be tweaked a bit here and there, but will be the same designs, overall. The Stitch Together is much smaller then Beauty and Grace, so it will probably be published with one or two other smaller, complimentary designs.

I appreciate you all so much!! Thanks for purchasing Tree of Life Samplings designs. We will have Penny America and Mary Hart, 1834 published and ready for purchase in the next few days! I love reading your comments, so if you have a second to leave one, know it will be appreciated! Also thank you for the encouraging emails, they mean so much!

Fondly, Jan @ Tree of Life Samplings

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two New Releases!

 Penny America, stitched on Tree of Life Linens Macadamia Nut, 40 Ct with Weeks Dye Works Fibers.
Tree of Life Samplings first ever Reproduction Sampler, Mary Hart, 1834, stitched on Tree of Life Linens Hickory Nut Blend, 32 ct with Needlepoint Silks.

I hope that you all have been well and happy...I have been pretty busy planning a Retreat, which I hosted last weekend! Since I was pretty much starting over (I hadn't hosted a Retreat since 2008 and that was before I moved), I had lots of work to do in the planning of this year's Retreat! It was a fun time though, and now I feel that I have a template of sorts, in planning the 2012 Retreat! Everyone had a great time, I will share more about the Retreat and fun we had on my sister blog, Belfonte Notes in the next few weeks!

In addition to the Retreat I designed the two above new releases and just as soon as I get the patterns formatted they will be on their way to your local shops, either directly or via a distributor! I was thrilled with both of them and had rave reviews from the Retreat attendees, that got to see them up close and personal at my Trunk Show! The other special attraction was Vonna Pfeiffer who graciously accepted my offer of a finishing class! It was wonderful in every way! Thank you again, dearest Vonna!

I do have yet another design ready to release, just as soon as my model stitcher gets finished with the stitching. I wanted to release it before July 4th, but it wasn't doable, but be on the lookout for it in the next few weeks! It is the newest and third in the Emma Rose series! Titled Emma Rose Freedom! I think you are going to love it, I know that I do!

One more thing....I have gotten my hands in yet another venture, I have started hand-dying linens! They too, received great attention at the Retreat! Lots of yummy colors and counts and once I get my Tree of Life Samplings website going, which I plan to very soon, I will be offering Tree of Life Linens to all stitchers interested! I have used it in the last two new releases as stated above! Stay tuned....

Thanks for visiting and as always, I treasure your comments! Have a most glorious and blessed day, dear readers!