Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is it Retreat Time..Edited!

 Heads Up! If you are attending the Retreat this year and have a blog, that I might not be aware of, can you email me, or post here, that would be fine! Trying to make up name tags!

You betcha....just a matter of hours now, before we group together for a most wonderful LONG weekend!! Oh yes, I know, time will go swiftly as it always does, when stitchers get together, but maybe if we look forward to a LONG Retreat, maybe it will SEEM like it!!

I just wanted to hollar out at you all that are coming...I will be looking for you with anticipation in just a couple more sleeps!!!!

Items you need to remember to bring:

  • Your class projects, stitched, hopefully! But if not, bring them anyway!
  • Your exchanges pieces, as many, or as few, as you have!
  • Your projects, wips, finished items, anything you would like to share with the group! Always a great time to see what others are stitching!
  • Extra stash money!
  • Your travel Ott, Dazor or Daylight lamp for task lighting! Although the meeting room has some awesome light, even some windows, I know how important it is to have the additional helps!
  • Your appetite!
  • There will be drinks available out in the lobby, just outside the meeting room, but if there is something special you require, please feel free to bring your own!
  • Extra stash money!
  • Pajamas....a pair that you feel comfortable wearing, getting from your hotel room to the meeting room! Most likely many of us will be changing, especially for the Pizza Party on Saturday night!
  • Extra stash money!
  • YOURSELF, don't leave home without YOU!!!
I will see you all VERY soon, be safe in your travels and be ready for a swingin' party of a Retreat!!

Love, Jan