Thursday, September 29, 2011

As Promised....

I said in my last post, that I would be posting a few sneak peeks of my newest design, which will be released in just a few short weeks. I think you are going to like it, I know I do! Have been frantically stitching the model...which I rarely do, usually I depend on my nifty and wonderful model stitchers, but this one I decided to hold on and do myself. Probably because somehow I knew that I was going to have some struggles with color. Anyway, I just about have it finished, so please do help me with the naming of this sweet piece, soon to be released design and post what name you think would be good for it. If you list a name that 'catches' me, I will be sure to let you know and treat you with a free design, just as soon as I get the patterns formatted! Sound like fun? I hope so!!

Oh I forgot to tell you, it also has a complimentary pincushion design with it, and that was lovingly stitched and finished by dear Vonna Pfeiffer. It is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a couple of sneaks.....

What say you?

I will give you plenty of time to choose a name....well at least until I need to have the name to format the patterns! But...time enough, I am thinking! I am SO looking forward to seeing the names that you come up with!!

Retreat News...
I have received lots and lots of email inquiries about 2012 Retreat!!! Exciting stuff, and I will have some information sent out for pre-registration next week, so stay tuned! If you have emailed me, and you don't receive that information, please let me know!

Thanks so much and happy stitching!

All my best, Jan

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Emma Rose Freedom, 2012 Retreat News & Design Chatter!

Emma Rose Freedom...

It surely has been a busy, busy month! Hope that everyone of you readers and followers are enjoying some good weather. It has turned much cooler here, and I feel that Autumn has finally arrived in our neck of the woods!

I wanted to let everyone know that Emma Rose Freedom is now ready for purchase from me. It has been at the distributors for a while now. I can sell either just the pattern or the pattern, fibers and fabric, that I have in stock! Feel free to contact me, at the email provided and I will get back to you asap!

2012 Tree of Life Samplings Retreat News...

I have had oodles of inquiries about registration and general info about the 2012 Retreat. Anyone interested, PLEASE email me soon, with your contact information. I will be sending out requirements for registration in about a week, and I don't want anyone to not be able to come. That said, we are limited as to how many, capacity is 35, and that 35 has to include Vonna, (yes Vonna will again be coming with her wonderful finishing skills and dynamic personality) my daughter and myself, so that brings the number I can make room for to 32. You have no idea how fast the signups can be, so don't delay! I promise it will be a weekend you will not soon forget!

When emailing please put in the subject line of your email 2012 Retreat! Thank you!

New Design Chatter...

I am in the process of designing a smallish quaker piece, with autumnal colors and a wonderful, thought-provoking verse! I say smallish, because I tend to design more on the medium to large size of projects, and this one is the smallest I have done to date, with the exception of the smaller design I did for last year's retreat for the box finish. There is also an adorable and precious pin pillow/cushion design to complement/coordinate with the larger piece! Fun, fun and I am VERY excited about it! I just have to get this color scheme RIGHT! BOTH projects are done on Tree of Life Linens, one of them is a new color, called Almond Creme'. So, that said, stay tuned for a sneak peek of this design...I am not only struggling with a color palette, but a name for this special release. I think I am going to need your help, SO when I post a sneak peek of my progress, it will be your chance to try and name it for me! The winner, will of course, win the design when it is released! Remember to watch for this post, in the next few days, for your chance to win, ok?

Fondly, Jan @ Tree of Life Samplings