Saturday, August 17, 2013

Anna M's Teach Me...Full Reveal! :-)

Just as promised I am sharing the framed model of Anna M's Teach is what I call an antique revival. Not a true reproduction, but I do have the original sampler of Anna M. Graham's sampler in my personal collection. Anna was a joy to re-create...within the pattern I have included a story of 'My Journey with Anna' I will not digress and give you any more details, just a picture for you to see, so that you can alert your shop owner to be sure and take a look at the model in person at the St Charles Market next weekend, in the Norden Crafts suite! The patterns will also be there for purchase, since this is a cash and carry market!
Anna M's Teach Me
by Tree of Life Samplings
Stitch Count 205w X 160h
Lakeside Vintage Meadow Rue 36 count Linen
Overdyed Fibers by The Gentle Art

Anna M Graham, 1869 
Original antique sampler in my personal collection.

Thank you so much for your reading and your posted comments, in advance! I always enjoy so much your motivation, with my designs, it truly helps more than you know. Also if you have any questions, feel free to post them or email me.

Have a grand stitching weekend! Love, Jan

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sarah Steel, 1772...Full Reveal! :-)

Thank you all so much for those of you that commented on the sneak peeks that I posted last week! They are appreciated more than you know! I have decided that because the St Charles Cash and Carry Market is next weekend, that you deserve a chance to see a full reveal of both of my new releases!

The following is Sarah Steel, 1772, as truly reproduced as I could get to Sarah's beautiful sampler, from the 1700's! I was taken with her dear 'deer', the special sweet colorful birds flying around, the spies of Canaan, her trees and alphabet! Also she practiced her alphabet at the top...I dearly love the use of red in the one alphabet and also in her signature lines. Wondering if red was a favorite of 11 year old Sarah...I am thinking yes! Her instructor, Jane Hollamby must have been so proud of Sarah and her efforts and the Bible verse must have been of special meaning to such a young girl. I do hope that you like Sarah!

Sarah Steel, 1772
Stitch Count 233w X 309h
A Reproduction by Tree of Life Samplings
NPI Silks
40 Count R&R Reproductions, French Vanilla Linen

Another picture sharing Sarah Steel, 1772 the Reproduction, with Sarah Steel, the Antique Sampler!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to share what you think of Sarah...I will be sharing pics of my other sampler being released this weekend! Anna M's Teach Me, An Antique Revival!

My fondest thoughts to you, my readers! Love, Jan

Postscript: A special shout-out to Mary Gerbode for her praiseworthy model stitching! Thank you so much!!
Please note that if you would like to purchase Sarah Steel, 1772 by Tree of Life Samplings, she will be on display and available for purchase in the Norden Crafts suite at St Charles this coming weekend. Be sure to alert your shop owner!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sneak Peeks of St Charles Market Releases....:-)

I have two new releases for the upcoming Market. The models and patterns are already in the hands of Norden Crafts. If you are attending the Market with your shop owner, or some other way, be sure to visit Norden's suite while there. If not be sure and alert your shop owner!

Sarah Steel, 1772
by Tree of Life Samplings 
An Antique Reproduction

Anna M's Teach Me
by Tree of Life Samplings
An Antique Revival

Yes, just portions/sneaks...I will be sharing more news of these, my babies, soon, very soon, or closer to show time!

Thanks for looking and do tell me what you think! I am thrilled with them both!!

I hope that you are enjoying time with your needle and thread each day.

Fondly, Jan @ Tree of Life Samplings